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Modern transport fleet

The FreshMove transport fleet consists of spacious, comfortable, and driver-friendly Volvo trucks, so we create optimal working conditions for our drivers and, accordingly, increase work productivity.

All our trucks are serviced in a new, well-equipped, certified maintenance center.

All data from modern GPS transmitters installed on trucks is processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so we can immediately make the best decision and ensure the safe and timely transportation of goods.

Modern cooling-freezing equipment is installed in each refrigerator trailer, which allows transportation of both deep-freeze products and goods that require only cooling.

FreshMove trucks are equipped with:


Refrigerators are equipped with:

  • Thermal printer - a printer with a printout of the temperature regime and online temperature monitoring on the "Krone Telematics" platform (we provide temporary access to the customer)
  • Pallet boxes - for transporting replacement pallets
  • Ventilation holes ensure constant air movement
  • A refrigerator car with unusual parameters (90 cubic meters, height - 2.7 m, length - 13.5 m, width - 2.5 m)
  • The increased internal height of the refrigerator is 2.70 m
  • Increased internal width of the refrigerator - 2.50 m ("flower")
  • Part of semi-trailers with double-deck loading - 66 pallets ("dopelstock")
  • Certificates FRC
  • Certificates Pharmaserv Zertificate for the transportation of medicinal products


Food tanks are equipped with:

  • 1, 3 and 4 - sections
  • Insulation 100 mm
  • Steam shirt
  • Autonomous heating
  • Tanks under pressure (working pressure 2bar)
  • Unloading pump
  • Certificate АТР

Reliability and speed are our motto

Refrigerated transport is a reliable and efficient means of delivering cargo with a limited shelf life. Such goods retain their properties only under the conditions of the required humidity and temperature. And for perishable goods, the speed of delivery is fundamentally important. Therefore, under any conditions, FreshMove drivers will quickly deliver the cargo directly to the destination and at the precisely specified time.

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FRESHMOVE – refrigirated trucks and auto tanks|cisterns for transportation of bulk and temperature cargo.